Prudence and the Crow

Prudence and the Crow subscription parcel review

I got my first Prudence and the Crow subscription parcel and I couldn’t be more pleased!!


*Cat not included.

Prudence and the Crow is a monthly vintage book subscription service that costs £12/month within the UK (£16/month internationally). When you sign up you fill out a questionnaire on the sorts of books you like – genre, cover style, theme and so on – and your vintage book is handpicked based on this.

Prudence and the Crow Also included are:

A vintage paperback . a handmade book bag . a library-style card to catalogue your growing collection . hand-written gift note*. a random surprise! Surprises might include: bookplates . a bookmark . a pencil . tea . who knows?

The parcel is excellent from the off – the cardboard envelope has some lovely vintage/steampunky designs on it, and there’s another hand-addresses envelope inside to guarantee that everything reaches you in one piece.

Prudence and the Crow subscription review

And there are sweeties and stickers in the candy-stripe bag! I got a dinosaur and a giraffe 🙂


book subscriptionsThe design of it all is just utterly charming. So much thought and care has clearly been placed into assembling the contents, from the unusual tea varieties that you can have alongside your reading to the stitched book pouch gently cuddling your paperback. Unwrapping it all is truly heart warming, like getting a care package from a close friend.

I particularly love the library record card and pouch, which I immediately glued into the front of my book, The Space Merchants – I haven’t had time to get started on this one yet, unfortunately, but I’m really looking forward to it! The book, as I’m sure is the case with most of Prudence and the Crow’s books, was picked up from a charity shop and is rather old (and lovely).

review Prudence and the Crow subscription

Significant praise from Kingsley Amis (the superior Amis) on the back!

All in all, I am inordinately pleased with the whole thing and plan on continuing my subscription 🙂 I bought this as a treat for myself, but it would be perfect as a rolling gift… I already have someone in mind!

Thank you, Prudence and the Crow! You are magnificent – keep doing what you’re doing!