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Book reviews by Kate Bystrova on The Little CrocodileMy name is Kate. I am a writerblogger and editor, regularly writing for the Investors’ Academy as well as several other sites (e.g. Tech.co and Dork Adore) and personal blogs. During the week, I work as a content editor for an equity investment platform, writing articles relating to investing and finance for lots of various sites. I also handle the company blog, write articles for their academy, handle social media and so on. Before starting my current job in autumn 2015, I was a sub-editor and features editor for a small publishing house in Cambridge, UK, working on international publications (for more information see my LinkedIn profile).

In my spare time, I edit fiction (mostly fantasy and sci-fi) for a small publishing house in Canada.

What all that means is that free time is a precious and sporadic commodity, so when deadlines loom or the workload gets particularly high, I will post less frequently. Otherwise, I aim to create a new post once a fortnight.

I also hold a BA in English and American literature and creative writing, for whatever that’s worth.

Book reviews

I’m happy to review more or less all books, stories and comics (although there has to be some sort of story to it, soo no PWP). One non-negotiable point, however, is that all of my reviews will be fair and honest – please don’t come into this expecting a biased review based on payment in cash or in kind! I will make it clear in my review if I’ve received a book for free or was sent it by the author. Regardless of how I come across a piece of work, I will give my opinion honestly. I am also unlikely to waste my own and the author’s time by fully reading and reviewing a book that would garner a very negative review. For this reason you’re unlikely to find bad reviews on this blog. (I will, however, be happy to provide feedback and criticism to the author directly.)

I accept Advance Review Copies (galley copies) of books for review and am keen to take part in more book tours. If you want to chat about anything, leave a comment or drop me a line through my contact page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my blog!